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0 02-09-2004
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OS SHP Builder 3

Po 9 miesiącach tworzenia, aplikacja do tworzenia i edycji plików SHP ujrzała światło dzienne. W programie zmieniono interface programu, dodano możliwość zapisania pliku w nowych rozszerzeniach, dodano także opcję kompresji pliku. Poniżej zamieszczam krótką listę zmian:

dodano: opcję w menu oraz interfacu, aby ułatwić używanie programu
dodano: 3 stopnie kompresji pliku
dodano: Generator Cameosów, podprogram potrafiący tworzyć pliki Cameo
poprawiono: opcję importu plików SHP

Pełną listę zmian znajdziesz w dalszej części newsa (wciśnij Więcej). Program możesz pobrać stąd. Plik ma około 1MB. Natomiast pomoc do programu znajdziesz tutaj.

Dłuższy opis zmian, niestety po angielsku.

- revisions by Banshee and Stucuk
- Added: Multiples Documents Interfaces. You can open the ammount of shp limited by your RAM at the same time. Each SHP may gain its own preview window.
- Added: A lot of interface options to make the program easier to use like View menu, Arrange Icons, Cascade, Tile, accessing the editing windows from menu. Also, aditions in the File menu like Close Window, Close All, Save All, Re-Open. The program also records the directory where you load, save, import, export files. The program also opens multiples files in one execution from windows explorer instead of opening multiples clones. The program also checks if the file was modified when you close a window to avoid loss of data.
- Added: Compression 3 support! Files are now fully compressed! Also, the way the program load SHP files was improved, but the old way is still accessible from the menu.
- Added: Import Improved: Fully redesigned, more optimize options, more Colour Conversion Methods, ability to set a size for all frames independent of their original size and use pixel resizing or canvas resizing to ajust them. Red To Remmapable option.
- Added: Undo Added! You can undo all your mistakes.
- Added: Resize Canvas.
- Added: Cameo Generator! It fully generates your cameo for RA2 and TS with few clicks of the mouse. It also comes with TS cameo backgrounds from SMIFFGIG and RA2 cameos made by ArgCmdr.
- Added: Preview has gained magnify (zoom) options.
- Added: Colour scheme support and instantaneous colour replacement. Also Added support for Pal Pack I and II. Thanks to ArgCmdr.
- Added: 24 Bit Effects Colour Replacement. This is a variation of the colour replacement that allows you to add and reduce ammount of red, green and blue in the colours not specified at the Colours To Spare box.
- Added: Palette Conversion Colour Replacement. You can now do proper conversion between different palettes without screwing up the colours or appealing to PSP for every single frame (or exporting and importing again all the time).
- Added: PCX support Added and although the Open Dialog box doesnt view it, you can import them as SHP or add them as cameo backgrounds (which we dont recommend).
- Added: The greatest majority of the old features are extremely faster. This includes: Import, AutoShadows, Colour Replacement, Sequence Maker, etc...
- Added: The usage of the select tool has been extended. You can now replace colours only in a selected area of the picture or make a cameo from the selected area of the picture.
- Added: New Shape: Elipse.
- Added: Colour Replacement is now ranged (from frame X to Y). Also, the normal colour replacement gained 13 spots, so you can replace 18 colours at once. Once you selected a colour to be replaced and a colour to replaced this colour, the program auto checks it for you.
- Added: You can now set which animations the sequence maker will have in the preferences. You can save them and load them whenever you want as well as export it to friends.
- Added: Fully compatibility with all custom schemes and palettes created with Open Source Palette Editor 1.1.
- Added: Batch tool and improved export tools.
- Added: AutoShadows has been redesigned and now has shadow size options, also can write the first frames instead of the last if the user chooses.
- Added: A nice help file is now included with the program!
- Added: Several new options inside the Preferences.
- Added: New and moddable community menu! Browse the best C&C sites with OS SHP Builder. It’s easily updatable as it is an ini file.
- Fixed: Inumerous problems that were happening in the import image as SHP section and other loads of bugs...
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